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Bring Back in 2012 ?

Maybe the saying “How’s it hanging ?”

The Topps Baseball cards with the stick of gum in it?

How about this nice 80’s fashion?

Pinball machines? Do kids these days even know what they are ?

I got it, this is what I want to bring back. One of my FAV Atari games, spent hours playing this way back when……

Keystone Kapers


What would you bring back ???




If your girlfriend wore something like this for you ???  I think I’d be a bit scared

Want to do

on this LONG Weekend?  I have had one of the busiest work weeks.  I can’t wait to leave and forget about work for a few days.

I might take a ride to flour bakery, get some coffee and sticky buns.  I might sit on my new sofa FINALLY and enjoy a movie on the big screen

How about you ???

Order @ Flour Bakery ?

This place is the best bakery/coffee shop in the Boston area.  There are 3 locations, South End, Seaport Area, and Cambridge.  Always busy so get there early.

I always get…….

1. Iced Latte – no need to add sugar, it tastes perfect without it

2. Sticky Bun – these are probably the most popular thing at Flour.  Very good and made fresh daily

3. If I’m in the mood for a sandwich, I almost always get the Roast Beef one, that has a horseradish mao type thing, with shoe-string onion rings, let, tomatoes, etc.

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed

Feel if your significant other…

Sent you an e-card on Valentines day???
Do e-cards count? Are they enough or do you want something more?

Invest in with 25k ?

If you had 25K to invest in the Stock Market, what would you buy?





Order @ Mooo Restaurant in Boston, MA?

Looking forward to dinner tonight with my wife, celebrating our 9yr dating anniversary.  Can’t really believe its been 9 yrs already, guess its a good sign if it goes by quick.

But back to food…………

Appetizers – most likely going to go with the Kobe Beef Dumplings and Crispy Calamari

Entree – definitely a sirloin just not sure which one since they have about 3 to choose from

Dessert – I’m sure my wife will want the Banana’s Foster which is VERY good here, I might go with the Lemon Meringue


Hopefully we have another great meal at Mooo……