Monthly Archives: February 2012

Do if tonight was your last night ?

Does food come to mind? Have an awesome dinner at a great restaurant, have a few extra drinks?

Or maybe doing something you’ve never done before, kinda like going through a bucket list but in rapid fashion?

Maybe its as simple as sleeping with as many people as possible before the day is up?

I guess maybe it all depends on where you are in that point in time in your life.  I for one would want to spend time with family, and more importantly, my son and wife who mean everything to me.  Life really does change when you get married, but even more when you have children.  Just changes your perspective on things, you know?  It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.


So what about you?????

Order @ Dunkin ?

I always go Med. Iced regular.  No matter how cold it is out.



Do If you lost a Super Bowl Bet ?

Would you be a good sport and pay up or be a wimp and back out ????

We know what kind of girl Maria is! and thank god for that!!!


Do with the Acura NSX ?

This was probably my favorite of all commercials mainly because I am a Seinfeld fan, but also because almost ALL of the commercials this year were HORRBILE!

This video here is the extended/full version of the commercial




If I told you this guy can really sing???  I know it’s an older video, but he definitely has some talent.

Order at a Steak House

Ribeye or Sirloin

I myself prefer sirloin



if you had to pick 1 movie to watch all weekend ?