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Do if you hit the MEGA MILLIONS?

I know chances of hitting this thing are close to none,but I suppose its always nice to day dream about WHAT you would do with the money.

First off, I would of course stop working BUT I would give my employer enough time to find a replacement and not just walk out.  If that means I would need to work 1 month, 2 months, etc. I’d be willing to do that.  Although at 2 months I would be itching to get out 🙂 Then I would like to help out those in need as much as I could.  And finally I would invest/save a good chunk to make sure my family, and other generations to come were provided for appropriately.  I’d want to help out my family pay down mortgages just to make life a little easier for loved ones.

For extravagant purchases???

I’m not really sure what I would want.  I’m happy where I live now and with our home so I wouldn’t want to move.  I would maybe look at getting a vacation home somewhere on the Mediterranean.  I don’t think I would want a Yacht, or any fancy race cars.  Although I think when I were to fly, I might want to look at those fancy private jet services that you can fly with.

I guess that’s it.

How about you ???

Say to this parking job???

Is this the parking job of the year or what???? Wow


Order @ Chipotle?

Since it is lent and I am fasting for greek easter (basically go vegan for lent), I am ordering the buritto bowl with…….
Black beans cause pinto has bacon in it

Greek easter/lent is a bit different.   We do not pick 1 thing to give up.  You technically are suppose fast for the entire lent period without eating meat, cheese, dairy, etc.  Now technically you are not allowed to have oil either only on Saturdays and Sundays during lent.  Wine is also allowed on weekends.  I make a minor adjustment though
I eat oil 🙂

What do you like to get at Chipotle?


If I told you this lady is 52 years old? I’m not sure where the Chive finds these, but its a great website 🙂