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Do With a fish like this ?

This officially came in at 40inches long! I know, that’s what SHE said.  But WOW.  This was impressive to see.  My dad caught it yesterday down in Cape Cod, MA.  It is a striped bass and I believe they need to be at least 28inches or longer for you to keep.  I would most likely clean/gut this fish, then cut it up into steak filet and fire up the GRILL!  This is generally how I would grill fish

  1. Put some salt on the fish
  2. Get a bowl and put some EVOO, lemon, salt, pepper, oregano and stir
  3. Once grill is nice and hot, put the fish on and brush the mixture on the fish
That’s really it.  Continue to apply the mixture every time you flip the fish.  You don’t want to let it dry out.

How would you prep, cook, etc.?  Or would you have thrown it back ?