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Do if you hit the MEGA MILLIONS?

I know chances of hitting this thing are close to none,but I suppose its always nice to day dream about WHAT you would do with the money.

First off, I would of course stop working BUT I would give my employer enough time to find a replacement and not just walk out.  If that means I would need to work 1 month, 2 months, etc. I’d be willing to do that.  Although at 2 months I would be itching to get out 🙂 Then I would like to help out those in need as much as I could.  And finally I would invest/save a good chunk to make sure my family, and other generations to come were provided for appropriately.  I’d want to help out my family pay down mortgages just to make life a little easier for loved ones.

For extravagant purchases???

I’m not really sure what I would want.  I’m happy where I live now and with our home so I wouldn’t want to move.  I would maybe look at getting a vacation home somewhere on the Mediterranean.  I don’t think I would want a Yacht, or any fancy race cars.  Although I think when I were to fly, I might want to look at those fancy private jet services that you can fly with.

I guess that’s it.

How about you ???